Keep Your Vehicle in Good Shape with These 4 Tips!

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In case you missed October’s Tip Tuesday’s, don’t worry! Here’s a re-cap.

Keep you vehicle in tip top shape by getting the most important parts of you vehicle inspected when needed.

Tip Tuesday #1: Rotate your tires when needed

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When rotating your tires, the tread life on your tires is maximized and the wear is evenly spread out across all four tires. Tires can also be inspected for damage and tread depth when being rotated.

Tip Tuesday #2: Oil changes are important!

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Good, clean oil is the main ingredient to a smooth running vehicle. Going months without an oil change can cause serious and costly damages to your vehicle. Most vehicles can go up to 5,000 miles without an oil change but it’s best to change it every 3,000 miles.

Tip Tuesday #3: Make sure all lights are working

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Driving without working lights is always dangerous, not only for you, but for other drivers on the road as well. If you noticed one of your lights is out, get it fixed as soon as possible. Your obligatory, headlamps and direction indicators are the most important.

Tip Tuesday #4: Check your brakes


Having worn out brakes is a dangerous thing. Without brakes, your vehicle can have problems making a stop when needed. Make sure to get your brakes inspected when needed and replaced if damaged.

18 Frd Xbd 45523 Installing Oil Filter

Checking on your vehicle and making sure everything is working properly can help you avoid costly damages and keep you safe while driving on the road. Visit your local Quick Lane for any inspections or repairs needed for your vehicle!


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